Throwing technology @ Education is not always a good thing

Leading on from my previous post I started to think about how important it is that we find a GOOD reason for integrating ICT in the classroom.  Just using technology because it’s in front of us, because it’s ‘colourful’ does not mean that it instantly equates to increasing a learning potential.

A good example of where the use of technology has been pushed but arguably without a good implementation/integration base has been the ‘One Laptop Per Child Program’. I remember when this first started a few years back and I thought it was a GREAT idea, but now to my dismay have found that there have been no big increases in the learning of Maths and Language, although some cognitive increases have been measured. To read more about this study: Technology and Child Development.

An interesting post called “There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education” by Kentaro Toyama (January, 2011) argues, specifically for developing countries, that technology should be avoided when trying to improve Education. Instead increasing good teaching and having solid education administrations in place are important.  Throwing technology at these schools without first having a good teaching base is a waste of time & money.

For the University student learning to become a teacher, or for the parent out there that think technology is the key for their child’s success at school, please first consider how important it is to have well-trained, critically thinking teachers and a good school culture FIRST before we attempt to integrate ICT.

5 comments on “Throwing technology @ Education is not always a good thing

  1. 22margaret says:

    ….computers are good though Elke!


  2. toriakyogle says:

    Really like your thinking Elke look forward to more !!!


  3. I understand these concerns; i have a thumb generation of young teenagers around me, and they can be socially disconnected but confident that they know what they are doing and they are doing it better – missing out on other things of more value – people and relationship building.


  4. 22margaret says:

    I guess this generation of students will value different things then previously; build different relationships with people?


  5. […] “starry-eyed”.  I actually blogged about a similar idea in a previous post – Throwing technology @ Education is not always a good thing.   I don’t understand why some people/teachers have to take a “side”, it […]


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