Don’t be afraid to embed with HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) tags describes a web page.  It’s not a programing language, just simply a mark-up language.

After seeing/reading the pains that some people go through to embed an online clip, presentation etc, I thought I’d give you some simple tips.  These tips should help you MOST of the time (sometimes depending on where you’re trying to embed and what software you may need to run will limit this capability and so the process may be a bit more complex).  Here’s the basics… don’t have to understand the HTML, you just need to know how to use it

1) I want to embed a YouTube clip to my blog post, so I go to the YouTube page and click on the Share button, then the Embed button.  Copy the HTML in the listbox.


2) Now go to your blog page, web page etc. and notice that usually where you type your blog or your web entries there is also a HTML tab or a HTML button.  When you click on the HTML tab/button you are able to then PASTE the HTML code that you copied.  The first screen-shot below is an example of the HTML tab found in the wordpress edit page.  The second screen-shot below is an example of the HTML button found in Google sites.



Here is an example of an embedded YouTube clip in my blog; enjoy!

One comment on “Don’t be afraid to embed with HTML

  1. toriakyogle says:

    Elke thanks for this really simple informative instruction loved the clip as well, engage students in meaningful project based learning and the results are astounding!!!!!


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