First blog post! Why?

Ugh, my first blog! It had to happen eventually I guess. I read other people’s blogs and I like the idea of using a blog in the classroom, but oh why me, why do I have to blog too?

When I was younger, maybe 10 years of age, I wrote in a diary. Actually I also attempted a diary when I was a teenager. Each time I would write for a few weeks, maybe a month. Eventually the anxiety of someone possibly reading my diary would build which would result in me ripping up the diary into tiny little unreadable pieces. Nothing extraordinarily ‘bad’ was written in my diary, I just didn’t like the idea of someone reading it and potentially misinterpreting it.

So why now? Why start a blog? Will I be deleting all my blogs in a few weeks time? Maybe! Well, first off I suspect we’ll be encouraged to create a blog soon in one of my University subjects. Also, the use of blogging in the classroom will most likely be the topic that my group will choose to explore in a current subject. I have used blogging as an activity within teaching lesson plans, so I should probably have my own blog if I’m going to ask students to blog.

Good luck to me!

7 comments on “First blog post! Why?

  1. Holly says:

    Wow! What a great first Blog… I must admit I also have never ventured into the cyber world of blogging, but I’m sure my time is up!!!


  2. David Jones says:

    Elke, Answering your question “why blog?” is an important one. Having a purpose that works makes a difference. I use mine mostly for reflection, thinking about what I’m reading/doing.

    You might find this video useful –


  3. toriakyogle says:

    Why blog? That’s a question I’ve been asking, why not just twitter or have I missed a distinction between blogging & twittering. The time I use for personal reflection is swimming laps no opportunity for ICT there & I’m not sure I feel comfortable opening up to the blogisphere. Perhaps that is because I don’t fully understand it’s purpose, look forward to information which may change my persuasion. PS Enjoyed your blog Elke & am interested in how you utilise blogging in the classroom. I am specialising in Early Childhood, could be of interest if bloggers indicate their specialisation


    • elketeaches says:

      Hi. Yes, I guess a blog could be used well for reflection but personally so far I still find more value from talking-through my reflections with family and other teachers. For me, I have determined 2 good reasons to continue blogging: 1) include with resume, cover letter etc. when I’m applying for prac teaching experiences and 2) when teaching in prac or later as a qualified teacher, it will help as an initial “get to know you” with students & their parents. I am focusing on Secondary teaching in ICT & Business….see my “About” section for details. Elke


  4. 22margaret says:

    Elke…to blog with some parents when you are a teacher would be amazing eh!


  5. Blogging Granny says:

    Yesterday my granddaughter told me her friends were impressed that her Grandmother could text,now she can also tell that that her Grandmother can BLOG TOO!!!!


  6. ICT + Me = ? says:

    Hi and thank you for visiting our WordPress (middleedictsandasd). Thought I’d come and have a look at your Blog as I did in the early days. Wow – you have done so much and you have inspired me to finally use that account and password I created so long ago to write my first blog. C


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